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Mantra handpans

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Mantra Handpans India

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In yogic scriptures, a Mantra is often compared to a bridge that we can cross to reach the center of consciousness within. Mantra elevates the mind with positive vibrations and unlocks deeper dimensions of existence. 


Mantra Handpans India

‘Mantra Handpans’ is a result of a long and exciting journey into the wonderful world of this amazing musical instrument. It took us almost seven years to research, learn and practice the art of tuning, with the help of some great teachers. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has made quality handpans locally accessible in India. We are very eco-conscious and try to reduce our carbon footprint in everything we do. 


Mantra Handpans India

We take pride in our artisanal approach to making these instruments. Every instrument is hand crafted, giving it a unique character and personality. With thousands of hammer strikes and hundreds of hours of dedication and passion, we strive to build our instruments to be long lasting and to have stable tuning. Our highest priorities are tonality and quality of our instruments. Mantra Handpans are made in India.


Mantra Handpans India, Indian Handpan Maker

Our handpans are not just great instruments for musicians, but they are also wonderful tools for personal growth and well-being. The rich, soothing tones of the handpan can provide a sense of relaxation and inner peace that is perfect for destressing after a long day. Whether you are a seasoned musician or simply looking for a new and unique way to relax and unwind, the handpan is an excellent choice.

Mantra Handpans India, Indian Handpan Maker

In addition to the physical benefits of playing the handpan, many people also find that it helps to stimulate creativity and self-expression. The handpan is an incredibly versatile instrument that allows you to create a wide range of sounds and musical styles. Whether you are looking to write your own music or simply enjoy the process of making beautiful sounds, the handpan is a perfect choice.

We are crafting handpans made from high quality materials and our standard sound models have 9 notes (1 central note and 8 notes in the circle). Click here for more information about our different sound models. To know more about ordering a new handpan, please click here.

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Information about handpans, how to play them, care tips and more.

What Is A Handpan

Maybe you saw a video of this beautiful instrument on the internet. Or you saw someone playing it. Either way, you are hooked to the sound. But, what is this instrument? What is it called? Can

Sound Models

Every sound model / scale has a different mood / feel / character to it. Generally, Major scales tend to be more open, uplifting, positive, happy and minor scales tend to be more meditative, intense, contemplative,

How To Play Handpans

The Handpan is a very unique musical instrument. The biggest advantage of handpans is that anyone can play and enjoy them. Playing a handpan is an intimate and meditative experience in itself. The sound produced by

How To Order

Each Mantra Handpan is custom made as per the choice of the customer. Since every instrument is handcrafted with love and passion, it takes a few weeks for us to complete the building process. After order

Handpan Care

Handpan Maintenance and Care Care and maintenance are very essential to ensure that your handpan remains in top condition. Even though Handpans are made from strong metal, they have to be handled with extreme care. Impacts

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