The Handpan is a very unique musical instrument. The biggest advantage of handpans is that anyone can play and enjoy them. Playing a handpan is an intimate and meditative experience in itself. The sound produced by the mild finger taps are proven to be therapeutic. Handpans are intuitively and easily playable even for people without any musical background. They produce soft notes with overtones that give it a magical layered sound effect. So, it is easier for a player / listener to connect with the sounds from a handpan. Handpans are not just musical instruments; they are magical in how they motivate, heal, and inspire people in today’s busy and stressful lifestyle.

Handpans are played with the hands, not mallets or sticks. Gentle strikes will produce a more melodious sound. With practice, a player can discover and develop new techniques that could use the palm, the fingers, the fist and even the wrists. Generally, the handpan is played while sitting, either on a chair or on the floor. The instrument is always resting on the lap. However, handpan stands can also be used to play the instrument standing and also to allow multiple instrument placements. Although knowledge of music theory is not required, it will certainly help players understand the scales and notes to get more creative. There are a lot of free lessons which are available on YouTube. We have collaborated with to share a few free lessons for you. Please check them below –

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